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Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Matunga Department of Mechanical Engineering A Project Report On Design Analysis and Optimization of Steering Knuckle Using Numerical Methods and Design of Experiments Submitted in the partial fulfilment of Second Stage of work M-tech 4th Semester, (Automobile Engineering) Mechanical Engineering, Submitted by Mr. MAHENDRA LAXMAN SHELAR

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Oct 23, 2016 · Study on the design method of equal strength rim based on stress and fatigue analysis using finite element method Lei Chen1,2,3, Shunping Li2, Huiqin Chen3, David M Saylor2 and Shuiguang Tong1 Abstract Wheels are important safety components in the vehicle driving system. Automobile lightweight is the direction of the modern automobile development. Automotive Door Design & Structural Optimization of analysis of the existing structure and identifies the drawbacks and explains the process of door system results the improvement is suggested, during this study some specific parameters are chosen for observation and weight of a car, reduces CO2 emissions. Objective of this paper is Low cost door design for developing


Data analysis of scissor jack static loading conditions subjected to point load on upper cap of 2033 kgs is shown in Tables 1 and 2. CONCLUSION The paper will include a scissor jack of automobile L.M.V. vehicle and other same type of variants. This proposed design of scissor jack after its stress analysis DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF WHEEL RIMDesign and Analysis of Two Wheeler Alloy Wheel Rim Using Composite Materials. International Journal of Innovative Research in Science,Engineering and Technology, (5)5. [3] Tejas Mulay, Harish Sonawane, Prof. P. Baskar. Design And Analysis Of Two Wheeler Front Wheel Under Critical Load Conditions. International Journal of Application or Innovation


Design and Contact Stress Analysis of Helical Gear for Light-Weight Car Proceedings of 105 th The IIER International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 5th-6 June 2017 98 The design result data for helical gear is shown in Table 2. 2 Contact stresses are analysed by increasing face width which are obtained from the result data. III. DESIGN AND MATERIAL STUDY OF RACE BIKE CRANKlength to the chain sprocket. They show the deflection and stress analysis of an entry level design. The figure 2.1 shows the pictorial representation of higher end bicycle crank. Design change was to select another material to decrease the weight of the crank and spider assembly.They choosed a Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP).

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This paper also deals with the stress analysis of the rack. By using FEM a stress analysis has been carry out. Steering rack deflection and bending stresses are found. This stresses are compared with analytical result. Secondly, Fatigue analysis of intermediate steering shaft is done to find the life of the Design and Optimization of a Formula SAE VehicleDesign and Optimization of a Formula SAE Vehicle A Major Qualifying Project Submitted to the Faculty of Worcester Polytechnic Institute In partial fulfillment of the

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Analysis of the reinforced B-Pillar design produced maximum von Mises stress of 673MPa with a maximum displacement value of 2.39mm. The optimised B-Pillar design was reinforced with 1.7kg steel plate with the overall mass of the B-Pillar amounting to 4.2kg of the total design compared to the original B-Pillar which had a total mass of 6kg. Design, Analysis and Testing of a Formula SAE Car ChassisDesign, Analysis and Testing of a Formula SAE Car Chassis William B. Riley and Albert R. George Cornell University Reprinted From:Proceedings of the 2002 SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference and Exhibition (P-382) Motorsports Engineering Conference &

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regions of stress concentration. The Wheel Assembly designed in the paper is of Team Veloce, VIT, Pune. The design procedure follows all the rules laid down by FSAE Rule Book for Formula Type Cars. Keywords:Yield Strength, Factor of safety, Load transfer, stress concentration, mesh, element size, analysis. 1. Introduction Extrusion Die Design and Simulation - Theseussigned on 3D Solid edge design software it was simulated on COMSL flow simulation software . On the simulation software it was easy to study how the melt flows and in which part of the die is the shear stress and strain strong and weak. The drag flow and pressure flow were then extracted from the screw parameters which

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Design a portable car lifting system that will lift all four wheels of a vehicle off the ground a few inches for tire rotations. Our design of the car jack will be implementing an electric motor that will operate the lead screw of the scissor jack. The jack will need to be safe, portable, and operated by a single user. MODELLING AND ANALYSIS OF A MOTORCYCLE WHEEL and thus it is necessary to determine the critical stress point and shear stress. For modal analysis, the model has to be built, loads are applied and solutions are obtained. Motorcycle model is Bajaj pulsar 150 cc. Keywords:Motorcycle alloy wheel, Static-structural analysis, Frequency analysis, Model

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General Stress Analysis The results presented in earlier modules for trusses, beams, and other simple shapes provide much of the information needed in design of load-bearing structures. However, materials and structural engineers routinely need to estimate stresses and deflections in geometrically more irregular articles. STUDY, ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF AUTOMOBILE STUDY, ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF AUTOMOBILE RADIATOR (HEAT EXCHANGER) PROPOSED WITH CAD DRAWINGS AND GEOMETRICAL MODEL OF THE FAN CHAVAN D. K1 & TASGAONKAR G. S2 1Ph.D Scholar, JJTU Rajasthan, Professor Mechanical Engineering MMCOE, Pune, Maharashtra, India 2Professor Navasahyadri Group of Institutions Pune, Maharashtra, India ABSTRACT

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[1] Stress analysis of a truck chassis with riveted joints by Cicek Karaoglu*, N. Sefa Kuralay, Department of Mechanical Engineering, DEU Faculty of Engineering, 35100 Bornova, Izmir, Turkey ,Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 38 (2002) 11151130 [2] The effect of connection plat thickness on stress Theoretical Analysis of Stress and Design of Piston Head Analysis of the stress distribution was done on various parts of the coated piston for finding the stresses due to the gas pressure and thermal variations. Vonmisses stress is increased by 16% and deflection is increased after optimization. But all the parameters are well with in design consideration. Design, Analysis and optimization of

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The accuracy of crash analysis is important for design of car body with crashwor-thiness and depends on some properties of applied material. Strain rate dependency of flow stress and bake hardenability caused by painting process of car body are of particular significance to crash analysis. Here, developed technologies for evalua- VIBRATION AND FORCE ANALYSIS OF LOWER ARM OF analysis. For stress analysis, load condition of lower suspension arm system must be determined in advance. Hence, a typical model of McPherson suspension system has been selected for analysis. According to the road profile considered for analysis and the velocity of vehicle, it is possible to obtain both velocity and acceleration equations for

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The current work contains the load cases & boundary conditions for the stress analysis of chassis using finite element analysis over ANSYS. Finite element model of the vehicle need to design a moderate car, the structural engineer will need to use imaginative concepts. The demands on the automobile designer increased and changedStructural Stress Analysis of an Automotive Vehicle ChassisKeywords:Chassis, chassis of vehicle, stress on chassis, chassis strength analysis, automotive frame, ladder frame, Chevy truck chassis, kit car. I. INTRODUCTION The design of chassis is fully on conceptual basis and the objectives are to create conceptual design for an automotive chassis which will utilize standard components.