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Translate this pageAMS-T-21014. 3. 3. 4. . 95W3Ni2Fe. 96W3Ni1Fe. 97W2Ni1Fe. (g/cm3) 18.10±0.15. 18.30±0.15. 18.50±0.15. . . . . (MPa) 920-1100. 920-1100. 920-1100. (%) 10-22. 8-20. 6-13. (HRC) 27-32. 28-34. 28-36

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Ams-t-21014 Tungsten Heavy Alloy Wnife Block , Find Complete Details about Ams-t-21014 Tungsten Heavy Alloy Wnife Block,Tungsten Alloy,Tungsten Heavy Alloy Wnife Block,Tungsten Heavy Alloy from Supplier or Manufacturer-Luoyang Tuojing Refractory Metal Co., Ltd. China Tungsten Alloy Metals Manufacturer, Supplier and Name:Tungsten heavy alloy for counter balance Material:WNiFe or WNiCu Standard:AMS-T-21014 and ASTM-B-777 Size:(Dia3-Dia400)X L(20-1200)mm Supply state:Sintered, Forged and Vacuum treatment Package:Export cases (Wooden cases or Iron Drums) Payment:Usually T/T and L/C, D/A

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SAE AMS-T-21014 ASTM B777-07 In August of 1986 the last revision of the Proposed Military Specification for Tungsten Base Metal, High Density (MIL-T-21014D) was issued. MIL MIL-T-21014D - TechstreetTUNGSTEN BASE METAL, HIGH DENSITY (SUPERSEDING MIL-T-21014C) (S/S BY SAE-AMS-T-21014) standard by Military Specifications and Standards, 08/22/1986. Amendments Available. View all


Oct 05, 1998 · SAE AMS T 21014 :1998 :Similar to:Standards Referenced By This Book - (Show below) - (Hide below) MIL W 63465 :0 :WARHEAD, GUIDED MISSILE, HE, M250, FRAGMENTS FOR:MIL T 21014/1 :0 :TUNGSTEN BASE PARTS, HIGH DENSITY METAL (SINTERED OR HOT PRESSED), COATED, ELECTRODEPOSITED CADMIUM:MIL T 21014/3 :0 MIL-T-21014 Class 3 (SAE-AMS-T-21014 Class 3) Archives Our Location. Aviation Metals 1810-D West Pointe Drive Charlotte, NC 28214 USA

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  • Tungsten PropertiesTungsten Uses, Parts, and ProductsTungsten Alloys and Copper TungstenMachining TungstenCopper Tungsten is a mixture of copper and tungsten. The two are not mutually soluble, so the mixture consists of distinct particles of each metal. Adding copper to tungsten results in a material that is heat-resistant, electrically conductive, and easier to machine. This makes these materials a good choice for electrical contacts. There are various standards for Tungsten Alloys such as ASTM-B-777 and AMS-T-21014. Here is hardness information for some of these common alloys:252.225-7052 Restriction on the Acquisition of Certain (1) Meets the specifications of ASTM B777 or SAE-AMS-T-21014 for a particular class of tungsten heavy alloy; or (2) Contains at least 90 percent tungsten in a matrix of other metals (such as nickel-iron or nickel-copper) and has density of at least 16.5 g/cm3). (b) Restriction. SAE AMS-T-21014A-2008 (SAE AMS-T-21014A-2008) - SAE AMS-T-21014A-2008 (SAE AMS-T-21014A-2008) Tungsten Base Metal, High Density (Cancelled:Mar 2008) This specification covers the requirements for four classes of machinable, high density tungsten base metal produced by consolidation of metal powder mixtures whose composition is mainly tungsten. This material may be used for uncoated parts or

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    • PropertiesProductsBenefitsTungsten has the highest melting point of the refractory metals, high density, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. It offers exceptionally high strength and good electrical resistivity at very high temperatures. Unalloyed Tungsten is very difficult to machine and fabricate. Eagle Alloys can furnish finished parts in this material in relatively quick turnaround times. We can also supply 1%, 1.5%, 2% Lanthanated, 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% Thoriated Tungsten, Tungsten Rhenium Alloys & Tungsten Carbide.Tungsten PRODUCTS Grandview MaterialsTungsten HD Alloys (WNiCu / WNiFe per ASTM B 777, MIL-T-21014 & AMS 7725) Class 1. 17C:W 90%, Ni 6% & Cu 4%. 17F:W 90%, Ni 7% & Fe 3%. Class 2. 175:W 92.5%, Ni 5.25% & Fe 2.25%. Class 3. 18C:W 95%, Ni 3.5% & Cu 1.5%. Tungsten Alloy Specifications ASTM B777-07, AMS 7725, MIL Originally, Tungsten Alloy was specified as AMS 7725. This was later superseded by MIL-T-21014 (0) Class 1, which sometime thereafter changed to MIL-T-21014 Class 1 thru 4. Finally, this was changed to ASTM B777-15 Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, or Class 4. In addition, Tungsten Alloys have also been referred to by their trade names including

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      AMS-T-21014 We can offer many tungsten alloy standards within the standard size or we can design and manufacture a mould especially for you. Since different tungsten alloy standards have different applications, we can also make products of tungsten alloy standards as special properties of tungsten Tungsten AlloysAMS-T-21014 Class 1 Class 1 Class 1 Class 2 N/A Class 3 Class 3 Class 4 MIL-T-21014D Class 1 Class 1 Class 1 Class 2 N/A Class 3 Class 3 Class 4 AMS 7725E Class 1 Type 1 Class 1 Type 2 Class 2 Type 1 Class 2 Type 2 N/A Class 3 Type 1 Class 3 Type 2 Class 4 Type 2 *Note:Tungsten Alloy materials can be fabricated and custom produced to customer

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      ennametalcom Tungsten Heavy Alloy Grade Sheet (continued) Densalloy Grades Characteristics Typical Applications SD170 Offers highest ductility and formability Tungsten Heavy Alloys Densalloy - KennametalAMS-T- 21014 ASTM B777-07 AMS 7725E Characteristics and Applications W80K 80W-20Cu N/A N/A N/A Infiltrated electrode material for EDM, welding, switchgear. SD170 90.0W-7.1Ni-2.9Fe Class 1 Class 1 Class 1, Type 2 Maximum WHA ductility and formability ideal for many mass property uses such as aerospace counterweights.

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      Tungsten nickel iron alloy, also known as tungsten alloy, has many excellent properties such as high melting point, high density, good elongation capacity, and so on. All these allow them to be used in many industries including sports, medicine, etc. Tungsten Nickel Iron is a high-density alloy suitable for high-temperature environments and Tungsten Tungsten AMS T 21014 Base Tech Steel & MaterialsOct 17, 2015 · Make use of our online metal weight calculator to calculate the weight of Tungsten Tungsten AMS T 21014. Material. Alloy. Shape. Diameter. Length. Quantity. Weight 0 Lbs Calculate Request a Quote. Reset. Metal Weight Calculator - Disclaimer. Tech Steel & Materials. 1180 Lincoln Avenue Holbrook, NY 11741 T:877-412-3651 T:631-218-0013 F:631

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      Mil. Spec. T-21014 D Class 1 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 3 Class 4 ASTM-B777 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 4 Type Type II & III Type II & III Type II & III Type II & III Type II & III Type II & III AMS 7725C Type 1 Type 2 Hardness; Rockwell C 24 (32 max) 25 (32 max) 26 (33 max) 27 (34 max) 27 (34 max) 28 (35 max) Ultimate TensileSAE-AMS-T-21014 WITHDRAWAL TUNGSTEN BASE METAL Apr 13, 2012 · SAE-AMS-T-21014, ADOPTION NOTICE (WITHDRAWAL):TUNGSTEN BASE METAL, HIGH DENSITY (13-APR-2012) [S/S BY ASTM-B777]., The Department of Defense has determined it no longer has an interest in SAE-AMS-T-21014, "Tungsten Base Metal, High Density", and is hereby withdrawing its adoption of this document as of 13-Apr-2012.